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Scoop It Up! is an expert in HOA Pet Waste Management. We will work with your HOA or rental property management team to create a customized plan based on your needs to keep your community clean.


We offer complete Pet Waste Clean-Up services for:

  • entire communities

  • condominium complexes

  • apartment complexes

  • common areas

  • dog parks


Scoop It Up! commercial services include the following:

  • Pet Waste Clean-Up for entire community or designated areas
  • Restocking pet waste station bags (large receptacle and small disposable)

  • Purchase/Installation of pet waste stations (At HOA/Rental Property's expense) 

Pet Waste Station Prices (includes change out of all bags including large receptacle and small disposable bags) 

1-2 Pet Waste Stations: $13/Station per visit

3-5 Pet Waste Stations: $11/Station per visit

6+ Pet Waste Stations: $9/Station per visit

Pet Waste Station Prices (change out of small disposable bags only)

$3/Station per visit

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Rachael Lawson, Owner


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